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Tru X Plod

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Tru X Plod Single Dose - 2 capsules

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is in most cases an indicator of an undiagnosed medical condition, such as diabetes mellitus or heartdisease. A study shows that 52% of men between 40 and 70 years have erectile problems(1). Our Ayurvedic system focuses on preventing secondary conditions such as erectile dysfunction which is addressed by our unique herbal combination that also enhances fertility and sexual performance.

The beneficial effects of Aloe barbadensis assists in lowering blood sugar levels and ameliorating the diabetic condition in humans - experimentation well documented. Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) may cause damage to blood vessels and nerves and in turn may negatively influence sexual performance. Prevention and treatment of hyperglycemia can enhance performance and endurance.

Studies indicate that psychological stress has a negative impact on semen quality and sexual function.Mucuna pruriens can significantly reduce the levels of psychological stress, enhance the levels of testosterone and improve sperm count due to the high concentrationsof L-DOPA.

Studies have shown Withania somnifera to reverse chronic stress-induced inhibition of male sexual behaviour and reduce brain markers of clinical anxiety. Anacyclus pyrethrum, Hygrophila spinosa and Crocus sativus are all traditionally used as aphrodisiacs and spermatogenics. Crocus sativus and its active constituent croci have shown to enhance sexual behaviour in male subjects and therefore has aphrodisiac qualities.

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